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Acorn Games

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Welcome Gamers!
Acorn Games welcomes you
to thier site for their new game

Yankees & Rebels
The Civil War Battle Game

Scheduled for Release October, 2001!

Yankees & Rebels ™ is an exciting new "Combat" style game that
uses our unique "Throwing Disks" that will either score you points or enter you
into a "Battle"mode. You may find yourself in the middle of a "War". Fighting a
"Skirmish". "Ambushing" your enemy or find yourself saying "OH NO!" As
your "Ambush" backfires in your FACE!

While playing Yankees & Rebels ™ You may become a Cavalry Officer and
lead your troops against an artillery position. You may find yourself playing an Infantry
Officer waiting for the order to attack. Or you may find yourself in charge of an Artillery
Battery and listening to the battle cries of the enemies as they advance on you. On each
turn you either win or lose pieces of treasure from your treasure hoarde.
Of course everyone knows, "To the VICTOR goes the SPOILS!!"

Yankees & Rebels ™ is the perfect,play anywhere, Civil War game!
All of the game components fit in it's pouch so that you can take your game along
wherever you go. Perfect for picnics, family trips and while whiling away the
hours at your favorite Civil War encampment.

Yankees & Rebels ™ is Hand-crafted in our studios. Each game set
gets hand assembled by our in-house game-crafters.The same pair of
hands sees each game through from start to finish.

Game Close Up

Each set of Yankees & Rebels ™ includes:


1 set of 5 hand-crafted "Throwing Disks"
1 set of 3 hand-crafted "Army Unit Disks"
1 custom made carry-anywhere pouch
1 booklet with complete game rules
30 jewel colored "Treasure Hoarde" pieces
Hours of game playing PLEASURE!

Yankees & Rebels ™
can be yours for only
$19.99 + s/h

Send an e-mail to the address below
and we'll send you complete mail
ordering information